A game depicting World War 2 in 1945, by Guilin Chen.



Your mission is clear - defeat all enemy fighters before they can destroy you.
You are equipped with some of the fastest fighter planes that the military can supply and you will be going head to head with massive bomber planes, helicopters, fast flying dog fighters, and multiple tanks that shoot heat seeking missiles.
Each mission brings new enemies, all trying to cross enemy lines and take your country hostage. It's up to you to stop them.
Are you a top gun of flight shooting game? Are you dreaming of driving the most famous aircraft of WW2 to fight in the sky? 1945 Ace Fighter takes you back to the battlefield of WW2. There are more than 80+ kinds of real models of weapons in WW2.
30 Levels with highly detailed terrains, including grasslands, snow fields, desert, volcano and more.
5 Weapon upgrades to destroy your enemies with more power and and explosions - Power Bombs, Automatic Guns for your plans .


★classic arcade experience
★spectacular bosses
★rich attack patterns
★30 different missions
★Different Enemy Types

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